28 January - 15 March 2016



From 28 January – 15 March 2016

at the Musée d'Angoulême, France

The exhibition consists of masterpieces from various epochs in art history with ducks included, providing a glimpse of the collective interDuck project. The group is made up of: Ommo Wille, Eckhart Bauer, Anke Doepner, Rüdiger Stanko & Volker Schönwart.

The artists behind the interDuck collective have been re-working art historical masterpieces since the mid-1980s by substituting the original figures with ducks. The project began as an idea that came about in the framework of a course that Prof. Eckart Bauer taught at the Academy of the Arts in Braunschweig. Together with a few of his students the group strived to help comics receive the same respect they deserve, bringing together popular and high culture.  

As a passionate collector of Disney merchandise, Prof. Bauer played a pivotal role in getting this creative movement has been the force behind the making of hundreds of works of art going: tongue and cheek paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs.

Nothing's sacred for InterDuck. They relish taking a humorous spin on, to name but a few, the treasures of ancient Egypt, the character of a wolf in Romulus and Remus, works by Hieronymos Bosch, Mona Lisa and Vermeer, Pop Art, American propaganda like the famed “I Want You” posters and a picture of Neil Armstrong's footprints on the moon.

Almost 100 of the collective's works of art will be on display in the special exhibitions space of the Angoulême Museum of Art, including 15 pieces that have been integrated into their permanent collection. Viewers can have fun identifying them. A new edition of the complete catalogue of the group's oeuvre will accompany the show, appearing in France in early 2016.

This exhibition intelligently combines humour and art history, making people of all ages familiar with new aspects of important works of world cultural heritage.